Eradicating poverty one family at a time Sikh Council of Scotland

Satgur Ki Seva Safal hai je ko karey chitt laye

How we help the community

Water Project
A number of rural areas in India suffer from chronic water disruptions and poor water quality. SCS have builts water extraction motors in remote areas to provide a continuous supply of clean water
Education & Self Development
To help with self development and education, SCS builds sewing and training centres. These facilities provide opportunities to young women who have no access to education
Health & Well-being
Hundred of villages suffer from cataract eye disease and other medical conditions but could not afford to travel to the local hospital for treatment. The SCS conducts various eye camps and health check ups for these villages
Faith & Religion
Many remote areas in India do not have Gurdwaras (Sikh Temple). Many of these communities believe that a Gurdwara can strengthen their faith. With that in mind, SCS works towards building temples in different locations all over India
Individual Support
Many families and individuals need support on a case-to-case basis. For instance, in the form of education, housing or health care. SCS provides this support whenever needed.
Housing Project
Many families in deprived areas face housing crisis. The poor live under bridges, on pavements or train tracks.SCS are committed in providing better homes for families.

Our Goals

Since 2002 we have touched the lives of thousands of families, promoted community education and improving standards of living. But our work is not over yet. We will continue to build the lives of deprived children and families and make a better world for themselves.