Sulakhan Singh Samra. I am honoured to be the President and one of the founders of The Sikh Council of Scotland. Our charity has been working hard for the past 18 years to help improve the standards of living of the Sikligar and Vanjara communities in India. I am proud of the many achievements of the charity so far in fields of education/health/religion and basic necessities of life including provision of clean drinking water. Our current focus is on free education for children with the aim of creating a self-sustaining communities.

Dr Inderjit Singh

Vijaypal Singh Baryah

Sardara Singh Jandu

Gurdip Singh Samra

Gurdip Singh Samra. Role: General Secretary. I have been privileged to have been working with the Sikh Council of Scotland since 2007. I got involved with the charity because I strongly believe in it's principles and vision to help improve the quality of life of those living in extreme poverty. Our recent work has been focusing on the development of skills and provision of free education to children so that these communities, one day, may be able to support and sustain themselves and ultimately go on to help others.