Achievements of Sikh Council of Scotland

Achievements of Sikh Council of Scotland

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Education &  Self Development

Sewing Barwah
In order to promote self-development for young women from The Sikligar and
Vanjara communities, The Sikh Council of Scotland has built 4 sewing and
training centres to date. These facilities provide learning opportunities to young
women who have no access to education. Students successfully completing the
course are awarded a new sewing machine, allowing them to generate extra
income for their family and become independent. So far the SCS has awarded
over 540 sewing machines. Donations received by the SCS have been used to
pay wages of the sewing tutor, who is also a Giani Ji (leaned scholar) providing
Sikh education to the local community. To date, sewing centres have been
established in the following villages: Pandhurna; Parali; Barwah; Pachouri.

Eye Camps


In 2007 it was brought to our attention that there were hundreds of village folk
in the village of Durg in Chattisgarh who suffered from cataract eye disease and
other medical conditions but could not afford to travel to the local hospital for
treatment. The SCS assembled a team of doctors to visit this and other villages
in the surrounding areas to offer free medical and eye check-ups. Patients were
provided with free transport to and from our mobile health clinics as well as
meals and accommodation if required. Patients who required further assessment
and treatment were referred to the local hospitals, where we also covered the
transportation and treatment costs. Since 2007 we preformed health screenings
for over 5000 patients at our mobile clinics with 1562 of them being referred to
local hospitals and then underwent cataract surgery with high success rates.

Water supply

IMG-20160413-WA0016 1

A number of rural areas in India suffer from chronic water disruptions and poor
water quality. Villagers resort to building small wells to source water for
domestic use, but this may sometimes be insufficient or may become
contaminated. We have thus far installed 20 water extraction motors in various
districts in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to provide a continuous supply of
clean water to over a thousand families.

Extraction motors built in the following areas:


6.Chirimuee 11.Dhapewara 16.Chander pur Indra

Nagar (Dist.)



12.Kamleshwar 17.Martee Teh Tiwsha

(Dist,) Varda



13.Pandoorna 18.Saarwarhi Teh
karunja Dist. Wardda


9.Talegaon 14.Jamneea 19.Kamleshwar Dist
Naag Pur (MP)

5.Malegaon, MP 10.Thanegaon 15.Dhoolkot
(Dist) Khargaon

20. Sagnoor

Gurdwara Construction

gwara amba

Some remote areas in India do not have Gurdwaras (Sikh temple). Many of
these communities believe that a Gurdwara can help strengthen their faith and
help educate their children on the Sikh religion and culture. To date, The SCS
has constructed Gurdwaras in over 12 different locations in India:

 The construction of a Gurdwara in the village of Broor, district Amarvati
with the joint effort of British council.

 Gurdwara on Hydrabad road in the village of Heenganghat is joint effort
with the British Council.

 Guru Amar Dass Darbar at Dev Puri (Raj Pur).


 Completed the construction of a Gurdwara building in Vahan Gaon

 Gurdwara at Pandhura which was built by Guru Nanak Charitable Trust and
completed by SCS

 Gurdwara at Aamba Gaon which was started by the community and
competed by SCS

 SCS also built Gurdwaras in the following areas: Lariya (Dist. Rai Pur),
Kathiya (Dist. Rai Pur), Jamanian, Poona, Pichour and Hathoula.

Our most recent Achievements in 2017

Village Sagnoor:

 Constructed a submersible tubewell to provide clean drinking water supply
for the village.

 Help set up a locksmith business for two local families.

 Provided raw materials (steel plates and rods) for a family with welding
skills but with lack of materials to help make end products for financial

Pachoury Village:

 We provided financial support of 55,000 Rs in order to help establish local
businesses for 5 families. The money was used to purchase materials (eg
umbrellas and roof coverings) for re-sale at a profit that will then benefit the

 Also helped establish two tyre repair shops run by two different families.

Khakhnar Village:

 In order to help set up a welding business for one family, an electricity meter
was funded (at a cost of 5000 Rs) as well as paying for the cost of welding
materials. The total cost for this was 30,000 Rs.

 Set up a sewing centre and 5 sewing machines were given for training. For
another 2 local young girls who already had sewing skills, they were
provided with sewing machines so that they could provide an income for
their families.

Noushaira Pannuan Dist Tarntarn:
Helped provide financial support for medical treatment for a young man from a
very poor family. He had previously had a metal plate inserted in his arm after

he had fractured it in a previous accident. However this had then become
infected and the infection had started to spread to rest of his body. The family
could not afford his treatment and further surgery to replace the metal plate. The
SCS organised his admission to Baba Sewa Singh Hospital (Khadoor Sahib) for
his further treatment.


Sewing Centre Padali

The SCS helped fund the enrolment of 210 Sikligar children living in the states
of MP and Maharashtra to local private schools. The financial support provided
helped cover various costs including tuition fees, cost of books, uniform as well
as transportation. The total costs for this for a single year was 21 Lakh Rupees.


Tour 2017 1887

We organised the Yatra for Sangat from Sikligar and Vanjara communities to be
able to visit the historic Gurdwaras in Delhi, Amritsar, and Anandpur Sahib.
Whilst the train travel costs for the Yatra was covered by SCS, the
accommodation and local transport in Punjab was kindly organised by the
SGPC for which we are eternally grateful for.