Achievements of the council

Achievements of the council

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Achievements of the Sikh Council of Scotland are as follows:

1)    The construction of a Gurudwara in the village of Broor, district Amarvati with the joint effort of British council, where many Sikligar Sikhs reside on the main road to Hazoor Sahib. Many travellers going to Hazoor Sahib take rest in the basement of the Gurudwara. The basement of the Gurudwara also acts as a teaching place for local children living in the Sikligar ‘basti’.

2)      The construction of a Gurudwara on Hydrabad road in the village of Heenganghat is also joint effort with British Council.

3)   This Gurdwara was constrcted by Sikh Council Of Scotland at Dev puri (Rai Pur). Gurdwara’s name is Gru Amar dass Darbar. Total cost to built up was aprox.5 Lakh IRs (£50000) by Sikh Council

4) Gurdwara been buit at Lariya (Dist. Rai Pur) by Sikh Council

5)  An Gurdwara been buit at Kathiya (Dist. Rai Pur) by Sikh Council

6)  Complete the construction of a Gurudwara building in Vahan Gaon (Mahanrashtar).

7)  Complete the construction of a Gurudwara building in Jamanian, Poona,Pichour

10)  Pandhura :- This Gurdwara was built  by Guru Nanak Charietible Trust and comleted by Sikh Council Of


11) Aamba Gaon :- This Gurdwara was started by the community and competed by Sikh Council of Scotland

with the cost of  4 lakhs IRs (£40000)


The Scottish Sikh Council provided Guru ka langar for 3 consecutive years for Gurudwaras in the villages of Thanegaon, Talehgaon and Thapevarha. These Gurudwaras are associated with Sikligar families. This Seva was undertaken by the Sikh Council of Scotland because of the importance of Guru ka Langar in Sikhism and the lack of finances locally.


Funding the education of three students from the Satnami sikh community to undertake a three year diploma in Gurmat at Gurmat Missionary College, village Chaunta Kalan, District Roparh. Following graduation the students were given motorcycles in order to travel to various villages in Chattisgarh to preach Sikhism.


5000 copies of ‘Sahibe Kamal Guru Gobind Singh’ by Lala Daulat Rai Aria translated in Hindi were distributed to the citizens of Chattisgarh free of any cost. To this date 6 lakh rupee worth of literature in Hindi has been distributed.


Over 443 sewing machines were donated to girls after teaching them on their use.


9)      Eye camps were set up as follows:

1. 2007: Chattisgarh – 610 check-ups and 210 eye operations were


2. 2008: Chattisgarh – 1400 check-ups and 569 eye operations were carried out.

3.   2010: Chattisgarh – 500 check-ups and 250 operations.

4.   2011: Chattisgarh – 480 check-ups and 268 operations.

5.   2012: Padali  (Indor) – 150 check-ups and 100 operations.

6.  2013: Barwah ( Indore)– 250 check up and 150 operations


1100 copies of the magazine ‘Gurmat Gian’ by SGPC were translated into Hindi and distributed to the people of Chattisgarh.


275 copies of the magazine ‘Sikh Fulwari’ are being distributed in Chattisghar every month.