Achievements 2019

Education We strongly believe that educating young people is fundamental in order to ensure future success of communities and self-sustainability. The Sikh Council of Scotland (SCS) has therefore had a strong emphasis on educating children from the Sikligar and Vanjara … Continued

Dinner at the Rotary Club Prestwick

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Sikh Council Scotland presented the work they have been doing at the Rotary Club Prestwick. The purpose of the meeting was to explain how Sikh Council Scotland have been helping the Sikligar and Vanjara community in the last 10 years

The view of the sanggat

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  Dear Gurdip Singh ji SSA After going through the information available at your website, I am greatly impressed by the efforts of the council to connect Sikligars, Vanjaras, Satnamis etc living below the poverty line to the main stream … Continued

Achievements of the council

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Achievements of the Sikh Council of Scotland are as follows: 1)    The construction of a Gurudwara in the village of Broor, district Amarvati with the joint effort of British council, where many Sikligar Sikhs reside on the main road to Hazoor … Continued

History of Sikligar Sikhs

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Sikligars Sikhs were the lohars (ironsmiths/blacksmiths) who once specialized in the craft of making and polishing weapons. Once more commonly known as Gaddilohars the term Sikligar was bestowed on these men who fashioned iron by Guru Gobind Singh who turned … Continued

Sikh Tribes ignored

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SIKH TRIBES IGNORED Most of the Sikhs will be surprised to know that they number above 12 crores as can be seen from the following table. 1. Local Punjab,Kashmir,Haryana,delhi&areas around it 2 crores 2. Sikligar Maharashtra,Andhra,karnatka,M.P,Rajasthan,Gujrat etc 4 crores 3. … Continued

About Vanjaras

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Numerically the vanjara tribe is the most important, spread all over South India. Vanjaras are among those Sikhs who irrigated with the blood of whole of their families, the plant of Sikhism. They were so brave that men like Bachitar … Continued