The Problem

Slkligar Sikhs are some of the most deprived and marginalized communities in India. Their plight has recently come to the fore and international aid organizations like the Scottish Sikh Council have been actively championing their cause. However, Sikligar children continue to face many barriers to accessing education, some are obvious – like not having a school to go to while others are due to poor standards of living.

The Need


Education is a powerful tool that can change the world. It reduces poverty and can prevent needless death and illness. It also empowers women and reduces gender inequality. By having access to high quality education, future generations of Silkigar Sikhs will be will no longer have to endure the poverty and destitution of their forefathers.


Our Solution

The Sikh Council of Scotland has undertaken the task of facilitating the education of 150 children from Silkligar families in India. We aim to continue our support for these children from primary education all the way to university level. The children participating in this program will be monitored regularly and supported to ensure they make satisfactory progress in school. You can help us achieve this goal by committing to support a child. £150 will be able to pay for a child’s education for a year. You will be sent regular updates and progress reports of the child and communicate with them directly. Donate now using the link below and help change the destiny of a family forever.


£150 can educate a child for 1 year


Be a part of something bigger than yourself