To help with self-development and education the Sikh Council of Scotland has built 3 sewing and training centres to date. These facilities provide learning opportunities to young women who have no access to education. Students who complete the course will be awarded a new sewing machine, allowing them to generate extra income for their family and become independent. So far the SCS has awarded over 450 sewing machines. Donations received by the SCS from the Sangat has also been used to pay wages of the sewing tutor, who is also a Giani Ji (leaned scholar) providing Sikh education to the local community.

Sewing Centres built:


On the outskirts of this township, there is a settlement of 400 marginalised Sikligars living in poor living conditions. At the request of the local community, we constructed a Gurdwara in the village which also serves as a sewing centre. 18 girls recently enrolled in the training program, with 15 of them completing the course and were awarded with a sewing machine.


This centre operates from the Makhan Shah Labana Gurdwara and has been in service over the past 5 years. Thus far, approximately 400 girls have learned various sewing techniques and have been provided with sewing machines to further enhance their abilities and help generate some income for themselves. 60 girls are currently enrolled in the program. The Gurdwara is run jointly by the SCS and Sikh Missionary College Ludhiana.


The centre in Barwah is our latest addition and was initiated by an individual who was inspired by our success in Parali. The same individual is currently also volunteering as an instructor at the Barwah centre. There are 60 girls enrolled for training.


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