Eye Camp & Sewing Machine distribution 2017

Eye Camp & Sewing Machine distribution 2017

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Eye Camp

Many villages in Chatees Garh do not get access to health centre. We will be running eye and medical camp on the 12th of February. We are expecting to have 250 to 300 patients at the camp. Read here to find out more about eye camps that is being conducted in the past. 


Sewing Machine Distribution


On the 18th & 19th of February we will be distributing sewing machines to girls in Pandhurna. The sewing machine distributed will bring additional income for many of the girls and their family.  We will also be travelling to Pandalee and Barwah from the 20th to 24th February. We will be distributing up to 100 sewing machines to young girls in those districts. The sewing machines distributed will help enhance the skills of young women. Read here to learn more about the sewing machines centers built and distribution. 

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