Gurdwara Building

Some remote areas in India do not have Gurdwaras (Sikh temple). Many of these communities believe that a Gurdwara can help strengthen their faith and help educate their children on the Sikh religion and culture. It can also serve as a community centre where Sikhs can congregate and develop as a community. With that in mind, the SCS has constructed Gurdwaras in over 11 different locations in India.

Gurdwaras built :

  • The construction of a Gurudwara in the village of Broor, district Amarvati with the joint effort of British council, where many Sikligar Sikhs reside on the main road to Hazoor Sahib. Many travellers going to Hazoor Sahib take rest in the basement of the Gurudwara which also acts as a teaching place for local children living in the Sikligar ‘basti’.
  • Gurudwara on Hydrabad road in the village of Heenganghat is joint effort with the British Council.
  • Guru Amar Dass Darbar at Dev Puri (Raj Pur). Was built by SCS
  • Completed the construction of a Gurudwara building in Vahan Gaon (Mahanrashtar).
  • Gurdwara at Pandhura which was built by Guru Nanak Charitable Trust and comleted by SCS
  • Gurdwara at Aamba Gaon which was started by the community and competed by SCS
  • SCS also built Gurdwaras in the following areas : Lariya (Dist. Rai Pur) ,Kathiya (Dist. Rai Pur) ,Jamanian ,Poona ,Pichour

The Scottish Sikh Council provided Guru ka langar for 3 consecutive years for Gurudwaras in the villages of Thanegaon, Talehgaon and Thapevarha. This Seva was undertaken by the SCS because of the importance of  Guru ka Langar in Sikhism and the lack of finances available locally. 


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